Project: Title: Label: Credit:
1987 "Hej Då" Pharlaphone M
Abalone Dots From A Safe Distance RCA P/E/M
Abalone Dots Traveler RCA P/E/M
Adiam Dymott Adiam Dymott Razzia M
Aguson Från Vinst Till Förlust Marilyn Records P/E/M
Albin Lee Meldau Bloodshot EP Sony M
Albin Lee Meldau "Darling" Sony M
Albin Lee Meldau "Lou Lou" Sony M
Albin Lee Meldau "Let Me Go" Sony M
Alex Saidac "Number Painting" Island Records UK/Sofo M
Amanda Jenssen "Ghost" Sony Music M
Amanda Jenssen "Come On" Epic M
Ana Johnson "Don't Cry For Pain" Sony Music E
Ana Johnson Little Angel Sony Music M
Anders Johansson "Without You" Mariann E
Andreas Grega Mörkerseende Universal P/E/M
Andreas Grega En Sak I Taget Universal M
Anna Mosten "All Too Late" Woah Dad! M
Anna Ternheim Leaving On A Mayday Universal E/M
Arrow "The Maze" Arrow Music M
Art Of Sleeping Shake Shiver Dewprocess M
Asha Ali Asha Ali NONS P/E/M
Asha Ali Warm Fronts EP NONS P/E/M
Asha Ali "The Beat" EMI Publishing E/M
Astropol The Spin We're In INGRID M
Astropol "Just Before Our Love Got Lost" INGRID M
Astropol "Sound Of A Heart" INGRID M
Babylon Bombs Doin' You Nasty Smilodon P/E/M
Backstreet Boys "Just Want You To Know" Jive E
Baskery Fall Among Thieves Veranda Records P/E/M
Bernhoft "We Have A dream" Universal M
Billie Van "Cool Your Soul" Universal M
Blindside "Shekina" Elektra E
Blindside Blindside Tooth & Nail P/E/M
Blindside The Great Depression Wasa/DRT P/E/M
Bo Bice "U Make Me Better" RCA E
Brolle Jr Paradise Will Wait Bonnier E/M
Caesars Paper Tigers Virgin E
Céline Dion "Fade Away" Columbia E
Chrissie Hynde Stockholm Chrissie Hynde M
Chrissie Hynde "Daddy's Song" INGRID M
Clawfinger Clawfinger MVG E
Cœur de Pirate Roses Dare To Care Records M
Conway "Big Talk" Zoobie Tuesday M
Davenport Slow Town BAM E/M
Dean Chandler Dean Chandler Universal NZ E/M
Deportees Damaged Goods EMI M
Deportees Under The Pavement, The Beach EMI M
Deportees Islands & Shores Universal E/M
Doe Paoro "Can't Leave You" Doe Paoro M
Doktor Kosmos "Vill Ni Ha det Som..." NONS M
Dub Sweden Welcome To Our World Silence P/E/M
Ebba Forsberg True Love MNW E
Ed Harcourt The Beautiful Lie Heavenly Records E
Edith Söderström Allt Du Vill Ha EMI P/E/M
Edith Söderström Timmar På Taket EMI P/E/M
Eldkvarn Brott Lönar Sig Alltid MNW M
Eldkvarn De berömdas Aveny EMI M
Emilie Nicolas "Nobody Knows" Sony M
Emilie Nicolas "Melancholia" Sony M
Emilie Nicolas "Let You Out" Sony M
Eskobar A Thousand Last Chances V2 M
Firefox AK Color The Trees Razzia Records P/E/M
Firefox AK A New Shape Razzia Records M
Florence Valentin "Allt Dom Bygger Upp" Mistlur M
Florence Valentin Johnny Drama Mistlur M
Florence Valentin Pokerkväll i Vårbygård Mistlur M
Franz Ferdinand "Treason! Animals." Domino M
Franz Ferdinand "The Universe Expanded" Domino M
Franz Ferdinand "Love Illumination" Radio Mix" Domino M
Frida Hyvönen To The Soul RMV Grammofon M
FYR "Submissia" FYR M
Garou "Piece Of My Soul" Columbia E
Gutxi Bibang "System Of A Gun" Oskar Recordings M
Holy Madre Holy Madre NONS E/M
In The Valley Below Elephant EP ITVB/Sony Music M
In The Valley Below "Last Soul" ITVB/Sony Music M
In The Valley Below "Searching For A Devil" ITVB/Sony Music M
In The Valley Below "Dove Season" ITVB/Sony Music M
In The Valley Below "Stand Up" ITVB/Sony Music M
Jim Hanft Weddings Or Funerals Veranda Records P/E/M
Jogi J.O.G.I MNW M
Jonna Lee 10 Pieces, 10 Bruises Razzia M
Johnossi Transitions Universal P/E/M
Johnossi Mavericks Universal P/E/M
Kajsa Grytt Historier... Capitol E
Kamera Resurrection Nettwerk M
Kelly Clarkson "Behind These Hazel Eyes" RCA E
Kelly Clarkson "Since You've Been Gone" RCA E
Kerli Love Is Dead Island E
Kpist Enemies Of Silence NONS P/E/M
Laleh "Stars Align" Warner Music M
Lambretta Lambretta Universal E
Last Lynx Rifts SoFo Records M
Last Lynx Ocean Reels SoFo Records M
Le Mans Rawmantic The Unit M
Lesley Roy Unbeautiful Jive E
Leslie Clio My Heart Ain't That Broken Universal M
Lisa Miskovsky Violent Sky Sony E/M
Liv "Dream Awake" INGRID M
Lykke Li Youth Novels LL Recordings P/E/M
Lykke Li Wounded Rhymes Atlantic E/M/VP
Lykke Li I Never Learn Atlantic M/VP
Lykke Li "Never Gonna Love Again" Radio mix Atlantic M
Lykke Li Lykke Li MTV Unplugged VH1 M
Lykke Li Lykke Li Live from Abbey Road Live from Abbey Road M
Lykke Li feat. A$AP Rocky "No Rest For The Wicked" Atlantic M
Maia Hirasawa What I Saw Razzia P/M
Maia Hirasawa Though I'm Just Me Razzia M
Maia Hirasawa GBGVSSTHLM Razzia M
Markus Krunegård Mänsklig Värme Universal M
Markus Krunegård "Lev Som En Gris" Universal M
Marit Bergman 3 Am Serenades Sony E
Marit Bergman I Think It's A Rainbow Sony E/M
Marit Bergman The Tear Collector Sony M
Marit Larsen When The Morning Comes Warner Music M
Martin Bentancourt "Bländaren" MNW P/E
Masayah "Felicia" MNW M
Meister I Met The Music Sony Japan E
Melissa Horn Om Du Vill Vara Med Mig Sony E/M
Melody Club "Girls Don't Always" Sony M
Melody Club "Paralyzed" Sony M
Missincat "Ten Lines" Radio mix Skrotzki & Kempf M
Miss Li A Womans Guide To Survival Sony M
Miss Li "Bonfire" Sony M
Miss Li Wolves National M
Miss Li Tangerine Dream National M
Miss Li "My Heart Goes Boom" National M
Moneybrother Blood Panic Burning Heart E
Moneybrother Pengabrorsan Burning Heart E
Moneybrother They're Building Walls... Burning Heart E
Moneybrother "Born Under A Bad Sign" Burning Heart M
Montys Loco Farewell Mr Happy NONS P/E/M
Montys Loco Guess It's Fine NONS P/E/M
Montys Loco Keep Talking NONS P/E/M
Montys Loco Man Overboard NONS M
Måns Jälevik For The Loveless... Fair frank E/M
Neko Case "Hell-On" Anti M
Nick Carter "Now Or Never" Jive E
Nick Lachey "What's Left Of Me" Jive E
Nicole Sabouné "Win This Life" Roxy Recordings P/M
Niki & The Dove "The Drummer" Mercury Records M
Paper Mischmasch (3 tracks) Novoton E/M
Peter Bjorn and John Breakin' Point Warner Music M
Peter Bjorn and John "Objects Of My Affection" Sony Columbia M
Peter Bjorn and John "Paris 2004" Sony Columbia M
Peter Bjorn and John Living Thing Sony Columbia E/P/M
Peter Bjorn and John Seaside Rock Sony Columbia E/M
Peter Bjorn and John "What You Talking About" Warner Music M
Peter Johannesson New Life Sara Records M
Petra Marklund Inferno Razzia Records M
Pink "Who Knew" LaFace E
Primal Scream Chaosmosis Ignition Records Ltd M
Primal Scream & Sky Ferreira " The Light Gets In" Ignition Records Ltd M
Primal Scream Beautiful Future B-Unique E
Prime Sth Beautiful Awakening MNW E/M
Prime Sth Underneath The Surface MVG E
Raymond & Maria Hur Mycket Jag Än Tar... Warner E
Sahara Hotnights Sparks SBYB/Universal E/M
Sahara Hotnights What If Leaving Is A Loving Thing SBYB/Universal E/M
Sahara Hotnights Sahara Hotnights Universal M
Sarah Blasko I Awake Dewprocess E/M
Sarah Blasko As Day Follows Night Dewprocess E/M
Scoob Rock As The World Turns 360 Degrees E/M
Scoob Rock Falling Star 360 Degrees P/E/M
Sebastian Karlsson Vintage Virgin Sony E
Shout Out Louds Ease My Mind Merge Records M
Shout Out Louds Our Ill Wills Merge Records E/M
Shout Out Louds "Walls" Radio Mix Merge Records M
Sita "Hello" Jive E
Slaptones Amplify Capitol P/E/M
Space Age Baby Jane "Lovers" One Mind M
Staffan Hellstrand "Sommarsol Och Kaprifol" MNW M
Stefan Sundström Hjärtats Melodi National E
Stefan Sundström Stolt Men Inte Nöjd National E/M
Stefan Sundström Sundström Spelar Allan National E
Stephanie McIntosh "Mistake" Universal E
Taken By Trees Open Field Rough Trade E/M
Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi EP Rumraket M
Tekla "Wasted" MNW P/E
The Aristocrats The Aristocrats Clumsy Cat/Sony E/M
The Concretes Lay Our Battle Axe Down EMI UK E/M
The Lola O Jolly X5 Music Group M
The Perishers Let There Be Morning Nettwerk M
The Plan "Walk For Gold" Razzia E
The Serenades Criminal Heaven Interscope M
The Suzan "Movin' On" Downtown records M
The Suzan Golden Week For The Poco Poco Beat Downtown records E/M
The Veronicas The Secret Life Of... Warner E
Timo Räisänen The Anatomy Of Timo Räisänen Razzia M
Tony Clifton White Elephant BAM M
Ulf Lundell "Omkring Tiggarn Från Luossa" EMI M
Ulige Numre Grand Prix A:Larm/Universal P
Ulige Numre "Halvnøgen" A:Larm/Universal P/M
Zacharias Blad "Stockholm" Sony M
Zacharias Blad "Jag Är Gay" Sony M
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